Reflection 1

For the first week, the lecture was held at GM 2, Fak Pend. The lecturer, Dr Rosseni was so kind as she asking for the forgiveness many times becoz she was a bit late for the lecture. It’s juz a small matter for me.There so many students in this class eventhough the class is small. There some students that sat on the floor on that day!Oh my….hehe..Juz ignore it becoz i’m quite impressed and happy on that day. Guess what?? The videos that was shown by Dr’s son attract my attention becoz it was really interesting with the music and the most important was the messages that they tried to convey through the video. The video that was produce by the Dr’s son really impressed me. It shows the friendship between them with the Adelaide as the backgroud. Quite amazing I thought. The second video was about the Palestinians gave the deep effect on me. I feel very sorry and how grateful I am to be born in this country. The music in the video suitable with the message.

Dr.Rosseni told us that for our group assgnment, we have to produce a video and we are free to choose the theme. The videos on that day contains the themes about friendship, hardworking, struggling and others. Now I realized how ‘canggih’ technology nowadays. But I’m not really good with the technology.She also wants us to have our own blog using wordpress for us 2 write our reflections. Hmmm….is quite tough and challenging to be a teacher for me as I must know how to exploite the technology in teaching and learning process..

But I know, there must be quite a number of students that really good with all these stuff more than the teachers!!


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