Reflection 2

This time our lecture still at GM 2 eventhough the class is quite small for a big number of students since we could not do the lecture at the hall. Dr Rosseni showed a few videos as examples for us to produce our own video. This time the videos contain the still pictures that for me they were quite interesting though. The videos looked simple but the students still can grasp the messages that tried to convey.

What I could tell here is that the video was about the hardworking and the important of time management. We will realise that all our effort, suffering and the challenging that came through will be fruitful at the end. So, never ever give up and have confidence in ourself.

According to Dr. Rosseni the still pictures is more easier to do compare to the video. Recently I sign up for the wordpress and having some difficulties and confusion in my way to add the widgets..I have tried for many times but still not succeed to do it. I’m quite disappointed as the widgets did not appeared in my blog..Oh my god…What should I do…Think I need some advice and guidance from others who knowledgeable a


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