On 25th Mac, we presented our group project during tutorial. We were asked to go to the Hutan Pendidikan Alam (HPA) Ukm, Bangi. My group have to do the topic about flora and fauna at HPA. So, we took quiet a lot of pictures for the video. As we discussing to make our video as interesting as possible, we came out with the idea to act and make the video as a story. We choose TAman PAku PAkis as the setting for our video and that was the first time I’m acting. HaHa… was difficult actually to produce the video as we are not pro yet and of course we spent a lot of time to do the discussions and found out the scientific names for the flora and fauna. It was really tough though.

After presenting, Major Jasmy gave his comment and told us what we have to add and adjust in our video in order to get full marks.YUP…that’s important!!As we are still  beginner, we are appreciate the comments from Major Jasmy and fellow classmates.



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